ur wonderful company trips in Biarritz for the management & project group or why not the whole company includes accommodation in a lovely hotels, great conference facilities, exciting meeting forms, culinary experiences, wonderful road trips in search of the best waves of the day and many laughs.

Biarritz is more alive than ever, wonderfully eclectic, salt splashy hair and irresistibly chic French. The cuisine is the perfect melting pot - traditional French bistros, ceviche to die for, old grandma's cafes and the market hall where you can enjoy oysters for lunch after surf.

In just under an hour we are in San Sebastian, catching waves in the midst of tapas restaurants and narrow alleys.

The most popular form of trips are long weekends, Thursday to Sunday, with a conference on Friday and Saturday afternoons.

Surfing is an inspiring and joyful experience. It is about challenging oneself but at the same time finding calm. Surfing is the perfect team-building activity, both individualistic and collectivistic at the same time - to live in the present and release everything else around.

If you prefer to stay ashore, there are plenty of other fun activities such as hiking, wine tasting and golf.

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Live in the
heart of Biarritz

Walking distance to the beach
& France's best restaurants


e partner with the hotels Le Grand Large, Hôtel de Silhouette and Hotel Regina, all located in the heart of Biarritz, within walking distance of the beach. Another wonderful alternative is the Domaine de Bassilour mansion, located just outside the town.

Depending on the budget and preferences, we manage a living arrangement that feels wonderful. Contact us at jagvillsurfa@surfakademin.se for pricing suggestions.

Transfer from the airport

Our surf buses pick you up at Biarritz Airport. For transfers from Bilbao, Bordeaux and San Sebastian, we help you with a nice transfer.

Time for
days in


uring a long weekend in Biarritz you combine conference, accommodation in a lovely hotel, surfing Europe's best waves with the world’s finest gastronomic experiences.

An inspiring and joyful experience. Surfing is far from a sport, rather a lifestyle but above all a game. It is about challenging oneself but at the same time finding a calm. Surfing is the perfect team-building activity, both individualistic and collectivistic at one and the same time - to live in the present and release everything else around.

The most popular is the kick-off during a long weekend, Thursday - Sunday, with conferences on Friday and Saturday afternoons. The afternoons are filled with surf on beautiful beaches with nice and forgiving waves for beginners, and the evenings are filled with visits to our favorite restaurants.

If you prefer to stay ashore any day, there are loads of other fun activities such as spas, fine shopping, loads of cozy cafes and bars or just some time to soak up the sun on one of Biarritz's many beaches. If you are looking to go golfing you have come to the right place - Biarritz is home to some of Europe's oldest and finest golf courses. There are also wonderful opportunities for hiking or cycling in the nearby Pyrenees.

We always try to get a wine tasting at a lovely wine bar inside Biarritz and if passion strikes we also visit a vineyard in Bordeaux or in the Spanish part of the Basque Country.

Our programs, guides and ten-year experience from the area ensure that everyone in the company gets the maximum out of their stay with us.

Feel free to contact us if you want to talk to one of our previous customers. For price suggestions and accommodation options contact us at jagvillsurfa@surfakademin.se. Of course, we can also tailor a plan for you if you have specific preferences.

True facts

Surfakademin has a solid experience of conducting experience-based conferences. Over the past five years, our guides & instructors have arranged business trips with management groups of 15 people up to entire companies of 200 people.

Surfing is for everyone. We always have a good mix of girls & guys, our youngest participants are five and oldest 75, and although the majority of our participants are beginners we coach all the way up to Olympic level athletes. It is precisely that fine mix that makes it such a wonderful atmosphere.

Biarritz is located in the Basque Country, an area that extends into Spain and is known for its beautiful nature and culture.

Scared of sharks? Perfect. Then you have nothing to worry about here.

The sun always shines on Surfakademin but it can be wonderful to bring a sweater or two for the slightly cooler mornings or evenings.