estled in the picturesque landscapes of the Basque Country in the southwest of France, Surfakademin is whole heartedly inviting you to:

Our royal Basque experience "Riding Waves and Finding Zen, Summer of 2024" a seven-day surf & yoga retreat at Château Basque, running weekly from Midsummer through July.

Château Basque is a family home we all wish we had, a place to share time, wind down, and enjoy life’s special moments. The mythical past is still present, steeped in history, with legends suggesting the castle’s connections to Louis XIV's marriage. Now a stylish boutique Summer residence for Surfakademin.

"A wise lady once said, 'The best surfer is the one with the biggest smile, and that's exactly what we're all about. Our ambition is to make the process of learning how to surf fun, enjoyable and inspirational. Our surf team consists of local legends Nathan Curren and Justine DeLanne, along with Sylvain Frei, who's currently on sabbatical from coaching big wave surfers in Nazarre. With their solid experience and unique personalities, they are sure to make your surfing journey a joy. Jens and Peter are around for talking story and pep talks.

The Basque experience is balancing Yin & Yang, infused with a touch of wabi-sabi essence — embrace the flow and come as you are.

Riding Waves &
Finding Zen

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Château Basque

The Royal Basque Experience


he newly remodeled Château Basque, just a twenty minute drive from the airport in Biarritz, enjoys an exceptional location, overlooking the bay of Saint Jean de Luz and offering a picturesque view of the Rhune. 

Set within a park spanning several hectares and featuring a heated swimming pool, it provides an epic setting for an unforgettable week.

The residence comprises a total of nine double rooms, each with remodeled bathrooms, ensuring a luxurious and comfortable stay. For solo travelers, there is an option to share a room with another solo traveler. However, for those who prefer a double room for themselves, the cost is 600 Euro.


Surfakademin isn't your regular class room filled with performance anxiety but the school yard where everyone is joining in on the fun.

urfing is far from a sport, rather a lifestyle but above all a pure form of play. Surfakademin is not just a surf course, surf school or surf camp but a holistic surf experience.

We collaborate with our friends and local legends Nathan Curren, Justin Delanne & Sylvain Frei. Incredibly talented surfers with a solid coaching background in surfing. Nathan is the youngest member of the world's most renowned surfing family, with grandfather Pat Curren, a big wave pioneer in Hawaii during the 50s and 60s, and father Tom, a multiple world champion in the 80s and a true style icon. A privilege for all of us.

In addition to the magical waves, we provide you with the theoretical basics of surfing, covering water safety, wave theory, style, and etiquette. We capture photos and videos throughout the week for a film feedback session.

To avoid learning how to catch your first wave the hard way (read a lot of wipeouts!) we carefully go through both surfing theory and etiquette before we hit the water. We also love talking about surfing’s rich history and everything from how waves are formed to how to score serious style points. Just because you are a beginner doesn’t mean you have to look like one.

Peter & Jens lead pep talks, surf philosophy discussions, and share their surfing adventures.

Curated for your body, mind & soul


t last, the time has come for a wonderful week of surf, yoga and all things fun in the Basque Country.

We have a pick-up in connection with the arrival of the SAS flight at noon on Fridays. Arriving later, just take a taxi to the Chateau. Our Meet & Greet on the courtyard is at 4 pm so please make sure you arrange your travel plan accordingly. 

Your investment include accommodation in a double room at Chateau Basque for seven nights (Friday to Friday). It also covers five days of surf coaching (+ all equipment needed), with a designated rest day that features a scenic hike in the Pyrenees. Our surfing locations are Hendaye or Bidart, depending on the conditions. Additionally, there are six days of yoga and meditation sessions curated by our house yogini, Gabriella. 

We surf at different times every day depending on the surf conditions. Usually the waves are best early mornings or late afternoons so we surf on one of these occasions.

The signature brunch, crafted by our chef Tilde, is served every morning at 10:30. Additionally, Tilde leads the preparation of our communal dinners each evening. While the brunch is included in the package, the cost of dinners is separate and determined by the actual expenses for the ingredients.

The price starts from 2,000 Euro. For exact prices and dates, please refer to our booking system.

We suggest verifying whether your travel insurance is linked to your home insurance - nice to get help if there is a little monkey business along the way.

Plat du Jour

Our days here by the Atlantic shoreline, Surfakademin's Summer home since the last two decades, are filled with all things fun for the body, mind & soul. We start off the day with a mindfulness session with our house yogini Gabriella, it can be yoga, meditation or breath work. Dialed in our chef Tilde caters our nutritious needs.

Then we roadtrip along the dramatic coastline to the best waves of the day, often gracing the long sandy beaches of close by Hendaye or Bidart.

Afternoons are spent by the pool or in the park surrounding the castle.

As the sun sets, we come together for a laid-back dinner outside the chapel in the courtyard. Our meals are predominantly plant-based, with occasional delights from the catch of the day.

Mid-week we take a day of surfing and set out for a beautiful hike in the Pyrenees.